Advancement.  What it takes to be part of the best of the best.

An apprenticeship remains in effect until the Apprentice solicits for the Title of Journeyman.  This solicitation requires the submission of five (5) personal and/or client references, and an evaluation of the Apprentice’s current workmanship.  If their references are positive, and their workmanship is deemed by a Review Board to be worthy of the skills associated with a Journeyman in the recognized Trade, an Invitation for the Title of Journeyman will be extended to them.  If upon this solicitation the Apprentice is denied the Journeyman Title, they retain their apprenticeship until such time as they can meet the requirements to advance in their membership designation.

To advance to the Title of Master in a recognized Trade, the Journeyman must solicit for the Title.  This solicitation requires the submission of five (5) personal and/or client references, and three (3) Guild Member references (excluding their Sponsoring Guild Member if applicable) that will attest to their character, honesty in business dealings, and of their expertise and knowledge in the recognized Trade(s).  As an option to the required Member references, two (2) non-Member references may be substituted for any required Member reference if desired.  The workmanship of the Journeyman will also be evaluated by a Rodsmith’s Guild Review Board, and this evaluation may require the submission of samples of the solicitor’s workmanship.

Additionally, since a Master is not only an exceptionally skilled individual, but also one who passes that knowledge and skill onto others, a Journeyman seeking a Master Title must provide evidence of having effectively taught others the skills and knowledge of their Trade.  The easiest way to meet this requirement is to Sponsor Apprentices, wherein at least three (3) of those Apprentices have obtained the Title of Journeyman in the recognized Trade(s) for which the Master Title is being sought.  But other evidence will be considered by a Review Board in meeting this requirement.

If the supplied references provide their endorsement of the Journeyman, and based upon the evidence provided, the Review Board votes in the affirmative, then the Journeyman is extended an Invitation for the Title of Master in their recognized Trade(s). 

For more information on the requirements for each Title, please refer to the Bylaws.

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