Distinguish yourself as a true craftsman.

The Rodsmith’s Guild™  is a trade guild dedicated to identifying and distinguishing the skilled craftsmen and artisans practicing in the rodsmithing Trades of:  Designer, Maker, and Builder.  The Guild strives to promote and protect these Trades through the sharing of knowledge and skills, and the perpetuation of these skills to future tradesmen.

The Rodsmith’s Guild designates and defines each of these Trades as follows:

Designer:  An individual that designs/develops the taper(s), material composition, guide spacing, number of sections, ferrules, and any other design considerations or parameters used for the rod blank.  In essence, a Designer is the “architect” of the rod blank, but they may not be the individual fabricating the blank.

Maker:  An individual that fabricates the rod blank, regardless of what material is being used.  This individual may also (or may not) fabricate other components of the rod.  But an individual must fabricate the rod blank to be considered a Maker.

Builder:  An individual that assembles the various components into a completed rod.  A Builder may fabricate some, or all of the components used to complete the rod, but they do not fabricate the rod blank.

An individual may be practicing in one or more of these Trades, and may be awarded Titles in any combination of them.  (e.g.: Master Builder/Maker)

For more information on Trades or Titles, please see the Titles section of this website and review the ByLaws.

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