What it takes to be part of the best of the best.

A Tradesman can advance in their Title within their Trade by soliciting for advancement, and meeting the criteria required for the Title they are now seeking. 

For an Apprentice Tradesman to become a Journeyman Tradesman, they must demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and skills necessary to produce quality work in their Trade, without the supervision or oversight of their Sponsor. 

For the Journeyman Tradesman to become a Master Tradesman they must demonstrate that they have taught the skills and knowledge of their Trade to others that are now skilled Journeyman or Master Tradesmen of their Trade.

There is obviously more detail to it than what has been briefly touched on here, and for more detailed information on Titles and advancement, please review the Rodsmith’s Guild Bylaws.  But in all cases where advancement is being sought, the Tradesman must have retained their current Title for a minimum of one year before they are eligible to solicit for advancement.

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