More than just Membership.

Titles and Branding

Rodsmith’s Guild Members are licensed and authorized to represent and distinguish themselves as Guild Members, and to utilize all Guild branding, logos, awards, designations, or other associative verbiage and images in distinguishing themselves as a Rodsmith’s Guild Member.  

Members are entitled to utilize all Member benefits provided to them by the Guild, including newsletters, promotional items, discounts, and website resources.

Guild Members may also utilize all of these resources in promoting their business, trade, craft, and artistry.

Promotions and Discounts

The Rodsmith’s Guild offers a specific demographic that many commercial ventures are interested in.  As such, the Guild works hard to develop mutually beneficial relationships with these vendors, providing discounts and other promotions to the Guild membership, and exposure to Guild membership for the vendor.  It should be noted that the Rodsmith’s Guild does not allow vendors access to our mailing list or condone or allow any form of direct marketing to the Guild membership.  Nor does the Guild sell any advertising space or sponsorships.  All promotions and discounts provided are solely for the benefit of the Rodsmith’s Guild Members.


This free service enables Guild Members (or their clients) to enlist a third party to assist them in resolving a dispute they are having with a client, and to have mediators that understand the rodsmithing industry, and the challenges faced in doing business in this highly specialized market segment.  To request assistance, simply submit the online Request For Mediation form found here: Request For Mediation 

Client Reviews

Client reviews are viewable and searchable only by Guild Members, and are designed to assist them in ascertaining if they would like to accept any work being commissioned by an individual.  These reviews are limited in scope, as Guild Members are only able to enter a client’s name and general location (City, State or Province, and Country), along with a rating of Highly Recommended, Recommended, Use Caution, or Not Recommended into the database. If a Guild Member wants more detailed information on any client review in the database, they must contact the reviewing Guild Member directly and ask for further information.. 

Library of Work

The Rodsmith’s Guild Library of Work is a collection of sample work donated by Members of the Guild to provide an historical record and showcase of the Member’s craftsmanship and artistry.  This collection of work is currently being acquired, but will be made available for display at significant events, and may be arranged for by contacting the Rodsmith’s Guild’s Public Relations department.

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