Ready to distinguish yourself? 

Here’s how.

Membership in the Rodsmith’s Guild is obtained by directly soliciting an Invitation or by securing a Sponsor. 

To obtain the Title of Apprentice in a Trade, an individual simply needs to secure the sponsorship of a recognized Tradesman in the Trade they are seeking the Apprentice Title in.  If an individual is unable to do so of their own accord, they should contact the Guild and request an Apprenticeship.  The Rodsmith’s Guild™  cannot guaranty that an Apprenticeship will be available, but we will do all we can to assist an individual in securing the assistance and guidance they desire in acquiring the skills of a Trade.

If an individual has already acquired the skills of a Trade(s), they may solicit directly for a Journeyman or Master Title in their Trade(s).  However, it should be noted that only those Tradesmen that can provide the required evidence of having significantly passed on their skills and knowledge to others are eligible to be awarded the Title of Master in their Trade(s).

Irregardless of the Title being sought, (Apprentice, Journeyman or Master) or the method of application (Sponsored or Direct Solicitation) any individual seeking membership in the Guild must Register, and then fill out the on-line Request For Review Form.  If you’d like to view a PDF version of this form, please visit the Documents page of this website.

For more information on Sponsorships and Solicitation, please review the ByLaws, or Contact Us.

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