What constitutes membership in the Rodsmith’s Guild?


Within each of the recognized Trades of Designer, Maker, and Builder the Rodsmith’s Guildawards one of three Titles that connote an individual’s expertise and knowledge within the Trade.  These Titles (listed here in ascending order of expertise) are the traditional trade guild Titles of:  Apprentice, Journeyman, and Master. 

The Apprentice Titles are reserved solely for individuals that are learning the skills of a Trade and have a sponsoring tradesman that is assisting them.  As such, an Apprentice is considered to be under the tutelage and oversight of their Sponsoring Member, but what form that oversight and tutelage takes is strictly between the Apprentice and their Sponsor.

The tradesman’s term of Journeyman was used in the past to connote an individual that had the expertise and skill to “journey” away from their “Master,” and to work independently in the employ of another.  Likewise, the Rodsmith’s Guildawards the Title of Journeyman to individuals that have the expertise and skill to independently provide the service and workmanship associated with their Trade.

The Title of Master is obviously used to connote an individual that has demonstrated a high degree of expertise and skill in their Trade, but it is only awarded to those who have also perpetuated their knowledge and skill in others, and can provide evidence of having done so.  So while a Journeyman may be as skilled as a Master, they have not significantly passed their skills and knowledge on to others.

While the Title of Master is the highest Title awarded by the Guild, the pinnacle of Guild membership is the coveted Title of Master Rodsmith.  This Title, and indeed the term Rodsmith is reserved solely for individuals that have obtained the Title of Master in all three of the recognized Trades.

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